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Sem Jan/2017 Course Enrolment

Sem Jan/2017 Course Enrolment

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Sem Jan/2017 Course Enrollment

Dear all,

We are in the process of doing the course enrollment for the Semester January 2017. This process has taken place some time ago, and due to quite a large numbers of new enrollments, it has yet to complete. As of now :

  1. User enrollment :The newly registered students are able to login into the VLe.
  2. Course enrollment :
    1. Pre-existing course : You be automatically enrolled to the said course accordingly along with your course's role and privilege (e.g. As lecutrer or as student)

    2. Newly assigned course : For lecturers that is assigned to a new course (which is not existed in the VLe previously),the new course will take sometime for the enrollment process to complete.This process is to continue over this weekend in order to complete the whole cycle of the course enrollment. You should be getting the new courses by this Monday 13/02/2017.